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About Us

Harvest is a local congregation in the Seaford area with one simply goal: to help people connect with the Lord. We are a non-denominational church with contemporary music and informal teaching. We want to help people connect with God and learn about the Bible in an atmosphere that's informal and non-traditional. 
Our vision statement is: "Love God, love people, help others do the same." Jesus taught that the most important thing was love - first toward God and then towards others. He also taught his followers to go and help others learn and live this life of love. That's what we're trying to do here at Harvest.
In our Sunday Morning Service we aim to do all three. 1) To love God deeply in our worship, 2) to love the people of our church family, and 3) to help people from our community connect with God through worship and learn about his Word in a way that's practical, helpful and enjoyable - and hopefully fun!
Our Wednesday night Bible study gives us a chance dig deeper into the Bible - and discuss what we find with one another. Check our calendar for dates & times and what we're studying.
We also host conferences from time to time that provide ministry times that are "high impact". Check out our calendar section for more information about these gatherings.
Harvest has served the greater Seaford community since 1984, and pastors Tom & Kim have served here for since 1992. We are committed to being a positive, godly influence in our community for generations to come!